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Run your heating and cooling business with help from Ferguson HVAC counters, your one-stop HVAC supply store. Our HVAC counters have everything from experienced associates to a huge selection of products that you need to install a new HVAC system or repair your customers’ existing heating and cooling equipment. Ferguson HVAC counters are strategically located across the United States, so it’s likely we have an HVAC supply store near you.

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Check stock, get spec sheets and place orders for the HVAC supplies you need wherever and whenever is convenient for you on Ferguson.com. Sign up or log in to Ferguson.com for exclusive website tools that will help you run your HVAC business.

Over the Phone

Ferguson Phone Sales associates can help you place orders over the phone when you’re on the go. You can choose to have your order delivered or pick it up at the HVAC counter with Pro Pick-Up.

At the Counter

Ferguson HVAC counters have the products you need for virtually every heating and cooling project, big or small. Find the HVAC counter near you to get access to pro-grade heating and cooling supplies.

Our HVAC Associates

At Ferguson, our people are the foundation of our business. Our HVAC associates have years of experience helping professionals like you fix every conceivable challenge in the heating and cooling industry. We stay up-to-date on the latest heating and cooling legislation and know the local HVAC ordinances and requirements, because your area is our area. Visit your local Ferguson HVAC counter and see what makes Ferguson different.

Jordan M.

Jordan M.

Area Counter Manager - Texas

I worked with a customer whose recently purchased product was defective by offering a replacement unit allowing them to continue working with no downtime.

HVAC Products and Supplies

Every Ferguson HVAC counter carries a full range of heating and cooling parts and supplies in addition to the unitary and ductless equipment you need for virtually any HVAC job. At our HVAC counters and online, you’ll find:

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