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Ferguson’s mechanical solutions offer the expert services to keep your business moving, 24/7, every step along the way.


From initial project briefings to project completion and daily operation, Ferguson’s mechanical solutions are here to help. Many of these mechanical solutions are designed to work with one another, but you can take advantage of them separately as well. Get to know all six of our mechanical solutions and how each one can benefit your business.


Field Audit Services

Having outdated or oversized equipment in your facility can be both costly and wasteful. When you utilize Ferguson’s field audit services, one of our experts will come to your location to monitor the current needs of your building using a water line flow meter, analyze the data, and provide you with insights as to how you can update your water supply system to maximize efficiency.

Discover more about our field audit program.


3D Scanning Services

Whether you’re retrofitting a building to meet current needs or setting up a brand-new facility, Ferguson’s 3D scanning services will help ensure a proper build-out. Our experts will come to your location and take a complete scan of the space using a Faro 3D laser. You’ll get a fully registered and processed digital copy of your 3D scan.

Find out more about how Ferguson’s 3D scanning services can benefit your property.


Quotation Services

Feel confident that you’re bidding accurately on your next contracting job by taking advantage of the quotation services at Ferguson. Our experts provide easy-to-read product details and thorough pricing in a standardized quote format for consistency. This quote will even reflect which products are available in your area. It’s easy to turn your quote into an order when you’re ready to purchase the products.

See how we can be your partner in the bidding process with quotation services.


24/7 Commercial Water Heater Express Response

When your water heater goes out, getting a new one in place is a top priority. Choose your replacement water heater and have it delivered to your property within a matter of hours when you take advantage of Ferguson’s 24/7 Commercial Water Heater Express Response. Our experts will even haul away your old water heater and get the new water heater installed where you need it.

Learn more about Ferguson’s 24/7 Commercial Water Heater Express Response


Project Management Services

Take advantage of Ferguson’s fully customizable project management services to keep any project on track and on budget. From the initial project briefing to final completion, our team of experts will be there to help you purchase materials, monitor project inventory, optimize the release of materials and so much more.

Find out how we can customize our project management services to meet your needs.


Pipe Fusion Services

Ferguson is an industry leader in comprehensive pipe fusion and fabrication services for HDPE, PP-R and PP-RCT piping. Our expert associates will partner with you on your project, providing customized electrofusion, butt fusion, extrusion welding, socket fusion, sidewall fusion and more.

Discover the full range of Ferguson’s pipe fusion services.

Speak with our experts about which of Ferguson’s mechanical solutions can best benefit your business.

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