Jobsite industrial vending machines

In order to deliver the best inventory management solutions for trade professionals, Ferguson is developing a jobsite equipment vending machine solution. Soon, we will be able to bring the warehouse to your jobsite with a vending machine that dispenses the products you need. Our vending machine program is being designed as the ideal supply chain management solution for builders and contractors with large work crews and worksites. When available, the vending machine program will allow you to control your inventory and manage business expenses by metering the use of jobsite supplies. See how our vending machine program will save you time and money and keep your team working.

Coming soon: vending machine benefits for your business

  • Convenient servicing - Ferguson will take care of delivery, filling replenishment and hauling away the vending machine when the job is finished. Simply tell us that you want a vending machine. When this service becomes available, we will work with you to create the optimal vending solution for your jobsite.
  • Monitor use - Crew members will be given individual ID codes to dispense materials, so you will be able to see who is using what and how much is being used. The possibility of product loss is reduced, which will save you money.
  • Automatic replenishment - The vending machine inventory maximums and minimums that you choose will be directly connected to Ferguson’s ordering system, so orders will be placed automatically with Ferguson when inventory runs low. This will save the time and hassle of manually placing a purchase order.

If you’re interested in vending machine dispensing solutions, contact us. We will provide you with updates when this service becomes available.

Customized product offerings

When this service becomes available, vending machines can be stocked with the tools and supplies of your choice. This means the materials you need will be there when and where you need them. Vending machines are perfect for dispensing compact tools and supplies, such as:

Contact us to request more information about vending machine availability.