Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Trends & Influences


No longer hidden, bulbs are now on full display with fixtures opening up to showcase their inner beauty in its entirety.


Enhance your space through endless design options. Customize with your choice of finish, configuration, adaptable accessories and bold color options that will clearly express your personal style.

Industrial Chic

Drawing from factory cues, the Industrial Revolution celebrates functional form with designs that complement both masculine and feminine spaces. Strong materials are offset by smooth curves, muted tones and softer textures.

Gold Tones

Pleasing hues of bronze and gold make a welcome return. With the trend favoring natural materials, these softer tones blend harmoniously, adding warmth to any space.

Masculine Touches

Make a bold statement in any space by incorporating rigid materials and pronounced lines. The masculine influence adds utilitarian simplicity to functional faucets, appliances and fixtures.


A chandelier encased in an oversized pendant - also known as a "Pendalier." This unique lighting design encompasses both the traits of a chandelier and a pendant in one daring fixture.

Decorative LED

The expanse of offerings in sophisticated LED lighting gives you a wide range of choices to match any design concept. Advancements in this eco-friendly technology creates light in innovative forms that not only mask the LED bulb, but also affords for more decorative and stylistic lighting designs.

Jewelry Inspired

Often referenced as the jewel of the home, new lighting concepts have created a trend that truly captivates. Like jewelry, many fixtures not only resemble necklaces, earrings and bracelets, but include the delicate draping of glistening stones for a brilliant presentation.

Technology Integration

Cutting-edge breakthroughs weave a world of greater function and control into your home. These innovations are integrated seamlessly in the overall product design, resulting in an experience that is both enjoyable and efficient.

Geometric Shapes

Clean lines and crisp edges offer beautiful symmetry through bold geometric shapes.Circles, orbs, squares and rectangles play together in an alluring dance of lines and geometry.

Mix it Up

Mixing and matching materials offers a look that is both unique and interesting. Embracing combinations of design styles, finishes, elements and textures gives you license to create a dynamic look that will truly set your space apart.