Automatic meter reading

Improve the cash flow of your utility operations with an automatic or automated meter reading (AMR) solution from Ferguson Waterworks. AMR technology allows for the automatic collection of consumption, diagnostic and status data from your water devices. This can lead to reduced labor costs and increased billing accuracy. Whether your organization is a public utility or private water agency, our Meter and Automation Group will work alongside you to customize an AMR system that fits your needs.

How does AMR technology work?

Animated GIF shows a signal radiating from a Ferguson truck driving past homes, and in a field in the foreground, a sensor responds with the text above reading large leak detected

The specific way that AMR technology works varies from brand to brand and from system to system. Essentially, water devices are equipped with sensors that automatically record water use. Those sensors then transmit data electronically and often through drive-by technology, meaning that utility workers are free from manually reading water meters. The data is then transferred to a central database for billing and analysis, which reduces the chance of entry errors.

Ferguson Waterworks has aligned with top manufacturers of AMR systems, including:

  • Badger
  • Kamstrup
  • Master Meter
  • Neptune
  • Sensus


Water meter system availability varies from state to state. Learn more about the meter systems we carry, and contact us for expert service from our Meter and Automation Group.

Benefits of AMR for utilities

Upgrading to an AMR system can be advantageous for individuals at every level of your utility organization. From techs in the field to billing associates and even end-use customers, discover how AMR technology can benefit everyone involved in the distribution of potable water:

  • Allows for billing information to be read digitally and not manually, which reduces estimated readings and re-billing costs
  • Enhances employee and customer safety by reducing the number of personnel on the road and providing safer reading methods
  • Increases cash flow by allowing quarterly or semi-monthly accounts to be converted to monthly billing
  • Reduces customer complaint calls and increases customer satisfaction
  • Promotes energy conservation and customer savings with time-of-use consumption
Contact us to see how we can help you find the right AMR solution for your utility organization.


Consider financing your AMR system upgrade

Ferguson Waterworks has developed a Financial Benefits Analysis (FBA) model to portray estimated cost-savings and revenue gains available to municipalities that utilize new or upgraded water meter systems from Ferguson. With the new FBA, customers can view the economic impact of delayed or staggered implementation while evaluating financing options, total debt capacity and related cash flows for specific projects.

To learn more about financing options or for a free, no-obligation Financial Benefits Analysis, email our team.