2017 OSHA violation fines increase

The fines for violating the regulations set by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, or OSHA, increased for the second time in just two years on January 13, 2017. In 2016, the maximum penalties for violating OSHA regulations increased by 78% and in 2017 the fines went up again in order to compensate for rising annual inflation. Get the most recent information about OSHA penalties and see why it pays to practice jobsite safety.

New OSHA violation penalties as of January 13, 2017


  • $12,675 maximum penalty per violation of serious or other-than-serious posting requirements. The fine was previously $12,471 per violation.
  • $12,675 maximum penalty per day for failure to abate, or failure to fix or improve, beyond the initial abatement date. The fine was previously $12,471 per day.
  • $126,749 maximum penalty for willful or repeat violations. The fine was previously $124,709 for repeat offenses.


Fortunately, you can avoid these fines simply by following the jobsite safety regulations that OSHA mandates. See the Top 10 jobsite safety violations and get tips to help your business stay penalty-free >>

Maximum OSHA penalty increases since 2015*

Type of violation 2015 2016 2017
Serious or other-than-serious posting requirements $7,000 $12,471 $12,675
Failure to abate beyond initial violation date (per day) $7,000 $12,471 $12,675
Willful or repeat violations $70,000 $124,709 $126,749