A premium portfolio of bath and kitchen collections presenting a unique expression of true heritage. The most influential design movements of the past 150 years curated into an exclusive brand offering for today.

DXV by American Standard

Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery takes pride in offering our customers the best selection of products from today's most recognized manufacturers. We are happy to share that American Standard is now a part of our product offering and available at all of our showrooms. As American Standard enters its fifteenth decade of business, they proudly present DXV by American Standard, a new flagship luxury bathroom and kitchen brand.

Available exclusively in showrooms, DXV comprises a premium selection of meticulously crafted fixture and faucet collections curated into four broad movements: Classic (1880 - 1920), Golden Era (1920 - 1950), Modern (1950 - 1990), and Contemporary (1990 - today). Each of these movements contains one or two bathroom fixture suites - tubs, toilets, sinks, and lavatories - and complementary faucet collections that re-imagine and reinterpret historically significant designs.
DXV Movements
The Classic Movement
The Golden Era
The Modern Movement
The Contemporary Movement


Born of Quality and Craftsmanship. The Classic Movement pushed beyond the boundaries of historicism and neoclassic designs and put an end to the staunch, monolithic and precise geometry that dominated art and architecture. The result was a fresher, fanciful and natural aesthetic, designed to help relieve the stress and disorder that accompanied the growth of the urban industrial landscape. During this time fine art, decorative art, and architecture merged. No item was deemed too utilitarian to be adorned with flowing lines, organic detail, and intricate pattern.


True Expressions of Tradition. The first decades of the 20th Century ushered in a new spirit of experimentation especially in decorative arts, automotive design and home goods. Industrial design was on the rise with controlled contours, simplified geometries and a reductive approach to decoration. Responsive to all surroundings and representing a break from the heavy ornamentation of the past, design of the era was thoughtful, refined and reflected a modern society on the move.


Bold Statements of Authentic Style. Experimentation in forms, materials and dimensions mark this movement. Artful lines and flowing forms play against geometric structures, creating a sharp contrast with the past and forging a new direction forward in design. To many, the Modern Movement affirmed the power of the individual to rethink, reshape and re-imagine the physical environment.


Imagination Moving Design Forward. The contemporary design aesthetic is no longer dogmatic. It is eclectic and continually evolving. Today, contemporary combines influences of international and individual style. Tomorrow's contemporary may merge minimal functionality with rich texture, ornate detail and natural materials. Contemporary design is of the moment, reflecting and responding to the complexity of our changing world.

"The shapes and finishes developed by American Standard for this new highend DXV line are a great foundation for the design of any style of bathroom."
- Mary Douglas Drysdale