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How to claim your contracting business on Google

Heather Mahr, a Ferguson author

by Heather Mahr


For years, contractors and trade professionals relied on phone books and newspapers to advertise their businesses. But with circulation for these forms of media in steady decline, this method of advertising is becoming obsolete. So where should contractors and tradespeople turn to promote their professional services? The answer is simple: Google. Promoting your pro trade business on, the largest search engine in the world, is a smart contractor marketing method that offers a myriad of benefits. While there are many ways that you can pay to advertise your contracting business on Google’s network of sites, a simple way to start is by claiming your free Google online location listing. Discover how you can improve your marketing strategy by claiming your business on Google.

6 basic steps to claim your contracting business on Google

  1. Have a Google account.

  2. Find your business on Google.

    • Search for your business’s address on Google.
    • Under the search bar, click on the “Maps” tab.
    • Select “Add missing place” from the info pane on the left.

    • Click“Claim this business.”

      Pro tip: Your business may already be listed on Maps, so you will want to “Claim this business” for the existing listing rather than “Add missing place” to avoid creating a duplicate listing.
  3. Fill out your business’s name and information as specified in the fields.

    • Fill out as much information as possible.

      how to claim your business in google step 3: Check:I deliver goods and services
    • It is recommended to opt to show your business’s physical location and full address. This can help to increase credibility in the eyes of potential customers.

      Select your service area. It is recommended to deliver in person within region, city or postcode.

      • Add the areas you serve.
    • Input your business category.

      • Business category examples include plumber, HVAC contractor, etc.
      • Add all possible categories that relate to your business.
    • Add contact information, including phone number, operating hours and your website if applicable.

  4. Verify your business.

    • Anybody can create or edit location info in Google Maps, so Google verifies businesses by sending you a PIN. There are two primary methods for receiving your PIN from Google. How you verify will depend on whether your business listing already exists or if you’re creating a new listing.
      • Phone call: If your business listing already exists and you’re claiming the listing, you can verify with a PIN sent via phone call.
      • Postcard: For new listings, a postcard with a PIN will be sent to your address to verify the location.

        Pro tip: Make sure to carefully check your mail for the postcard and to not accidentally throw it out with junk mail.

      • Once you receive your PIN either by phone or postcard, log in to your Google My Business account and enter your PIN to verify your listing.
  5. View and edit your business’s Google location listing. It is recommended to include as much information as possible. You can update:

    Pro tip: It is recommended business owners have a pandemic response plan in place. Discover safety tips for contractors working in a pandemic.

    • Hours of operation
    • Contact info
    • Your business’s attributes. Examples of business attributes include:
      • Languages spoken
      • Types of payment accepted
      • Discounts offered
    • Business photos. Including photos on your online location listing can increase your perceived credibility. It is recommended that you include pictures of:
      • Your building
      • Work vans or trucks
      • Team photos
    • Customer reviews. While reviews cannot be edited, business owners can respond to customer feedback. Reviews help customers understand the level of service to expect from a business. Learn the facts about customer reviews and why they matter for contractors.
    • COVID-19 related fields. Tell your customers what precautions you’re taking in response to the pandemic.
  6. Update your business listing on a regular basis.

    As a best practice, contractors should consider updating their listing at least once a month. This can increase your business’s perceived credibility from the perspective of potential customers.

    Pro tip: Google Posts are a free advertising tool that allow businesses to highlight promotional offers, share details about upcoming events, and tell customers what’s new with their business. Help your customers stay in-the-know with Google Posts at no cost.

    • At minimum, business listings should be updated whenever there are changes to operations. This includes:
      1. Days and hours of operation
      2. Contact information
      3. Types of services offered

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Heather Mahr, a Ferguson author
Heather Mahr

With over 10 years of experience in the plumbing, HVAC and industrial supply industry, Heather uses her knowledge to serve trade professionals. She's committed to helping them work smarter by being a resource of useful information.