Testimonials from hospitality managers

Hospitality MRO Supply Testimonials

First Finish

"As a national hospitality renovation firm we must align ourselves with vendors that can provide quality service and accurate delivery on all of our projects. For over almost a decade we have been able to trust Ferguson to do just that. They are a vendor who knows the industry, brand standards and expectations. No matter what size the order Ferguson has always delivered and been a true partner in getting our projects completed on time and on budget."

The Westin - Charlotte

"The reason I use Ferguson is I have the best sales rep in Joyce K. I give her what I want and need and she takes all the anxiety and leg work out of the equation. She truly has a passion for her work and embraces each project I give her with the customer's best interest in mind."

Westgate Resorts

"Ferguson Enterprises has become the preferred plumbing supplier for Westgate Resorts with their high level of customer service and competitive pricing. We can count on Ferguson for prompt follow-up and to get material delivered to our properties when we need it. We have great relationships with our reps in the office and out in the field. We can rely upon them to follow through with their full support. I've worked with several different people at Ferguson, all with the same result - GREAT!"

Pacifica Host Hotels

"For the last 10 years we have worked with Ferguson on several projects. In these years I have seen Ferguson to be very professional in their dealings with our company. Deliveries are made in a timely manner and the pricing is always competitive. I will continue to use Ferguson for all my plumbing and lighting needs."

Pacifica Host Hotels

"Daniel O. and Nick G. of Ferguson are the best two men I have worked with in this industry in 10 years. They are always on time with responses and also very knowledgeable with the products we purchase and also the customer service that is provided to me. I will continue to send all of my business to Ferguson on products I order. I wish all vendors I work with were the same as Ferguson employees."

Continental Contractors

"In the past nine years, Continental Contractors Inc. has renovated over 30,000 hotel guestrooms, and we have partnered with Ferguson Enterprises in the majority of those renovations. While the hospitality division does provide competitive pricing on the front end, it is the excellent customer service and extensive warehousing network that provides the best value for us as a general contractor. Dean A. and Nick G.'s knowledge of hospitality-specific plumbing fixtures and bath accessories ensures that we are providing our clients the current brand standards at the best possible price. Additionally, with numerous warehouses located throughout the country, we are confident on every job that material will arrive on time from a local distribution center, saving us both time and freight costs. And on those occasions when there is an unavoidable challenge, our contacts at Ferguson are consistently honest and open about potential solutions, working with us before a project has even started, to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.We consider our partnership with Ferguson to be a valuable asset, and look forward to working together in the future."

The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites – Los Angeles

"I was responsible for the purchasing of products during our major renovation that went on for two plus years. Ferguson was very instrumental in coordinating between our design firm and the various manufacturers that were chosen to be used during the project. We worked very closely with Ferguson, especially Dean and the inside support staff of Nick and Jason, to coordinate the many deliveries that would take place during the renovation. Storage space was a huge issue for us and we needed our vendors to be able to accommodate our time table. Of course there were some issues along the way, mainly caused by the construction team and our own doing as we tried to keep as much of the hotel open as possible. I think Ferguson did an excellent job in this regard and they were also very responsive when we found out that we needed additional products or quantities that had somehow slipped through the cracks. I would certainly look to Ferguson again when a new project arises."

Precision Hotel Interiors, Inc.

"We at Precision Hotel Interiors Inc. and Ferguson Plumbing Supply have formed an incredible partnership. For years we used to bid our large plumbing project to two, three, even four suppliers in an effort to get the best pricing possible. Even though price point for these products is important and we do feel that we get the best pricing from Ferguson, it pales in comparison to the incredible service that we receive. Dean or Nick are always available to get our pricing and product to us extremely expeditiously. Out of all of the vendors that we deal with on a daily basis, Ferguson is at the top and we no longer feel the need to shop anywhere but Ferguson for all of our plumbing needs."