How to View Orders

Review your order history and see order status.

Learn how to view your Ferguson account order history, see order status, and view order details.

  • Orders Overview
  • Accessing Orders
  • Orders
  • Searching Orders
  • Refining Your Search
  • Order Detail

Orders Overview

The Orders feature provides quick and easy access to orders placed on your Ferguson account, including those placed both online and offline. You can access the Orders page to locate all orders, see order status, and filter orders using a variety of criteria.

Any pending or completed online orders placed by the user within the last seven days are displayed under My Orders on the Dashboard.

Accessing Orders

There are multiple ways to access the Orders page to view orders.

Please note that the Orders page is only accessible to customers who are authorized to place orders on behalf of their organization.

Account Icon

  • Clicking on the Account dropdown and selecting Orders will take you to the Orders page.

On the Dashboard

  • Select Orders from the left-hand navigation menu.
  • Online orders appear in the center of the Dashboard page if there is order activity within the last seven days. Order detail on the Dashboard includes order number, order total and order status.
  • Clicking on View Order will open the individual order details and clicking on View My Orders will take you to the Orders page to view all orders. The orders you see could vary depending on your account settings.

Quick Tools - Find an Order

  • Click the arrow next to Find an Order to expand and type the order number of the order you need to locate. Then, click Go to be taken directly to that order.
  • Click on Advanced Search to be taken to the Orders page to locate the order using several filters and descriptions.


All orders placed both online and offline appear on the Orders page. The Orders page displays all orders under your Ferguson account’s master customer. A user can see all orders placed on the main or job account(s) that they have access to view, including orders placed by other employees within their organization.

Searching Orders

Use the search box at the top of the Orders page to search for orders. If you know the exact order number or a partial order number, simply enter it in the search field and click the search button. If you do not know the exact order number or the partial order number, use the search filters on the left of the search box to find the order using additional search criteria.

  1. Order # - The order number for online orders starts with a “W.”
  2. Credit # - The credit memo number of the order, if applicable.
  3. Ordered By - The name of the employee from your organization who entered the order, if applicable.
  4. PO # - The purchase order number for the order.
  5. FEI PO # - The Ferguson purchase order number for the order.

Refining Your Search

You can narrow your search results with the refiners beneath the search box. The search refiners include Job, Status and Time.


  • Click the change arrow under Job to open a dropdown list of all job accounts you have access to within your organization, if applicable.
  • The Job refiner defaults to show search results for all job accounts.
  • Select the job account to refine your search results to show only orders that were placed under that job account.
  • The page will automatically refresh to refine search results after you make you selection.


  • Click the change arrow under Status to open a dropdown to refine results by the status of the order. Possible statuses include:
    • All (default status)
    • Open
    • Shipped
    • Delivered
    • Picked up
  • The page will automatically refresh to refine search results after you make you selection.


  • Click the change arrow under Time to open a dropdown to of time selections.
  • The time selections indicate how long ago the order was entered and include:
    • Last 30 days
    • Last 90 days (default selection)
    • Last 12 months
    • Custom range - This will open a calendar to search for orders entered in a specific start date and end date. The start date can only be up to one year prior to the current date.

Order results are collapsed and can be expanded by clicking the change arrow next to the total dollars to expand and view an order summary. You may also see orders that are split by your associate for fulfillment in the order summary.

Click the change arrow again to collapse the order summary. If additional order details are needed to include products on the order, click View Order Details.

Order Detail

On the Order Detail page, you can view your Main Order Number and additional order details including:

  • PO number
  • Ordered on date
  • Ordered by
  • Order status
  • Return number (if applicable)
  • Return status (if applicable)
  • Refund date (if applicable)
  • Proof of delivery (if applicable)

If there is a proof of delivery for your order, it will appear on the Order Detail page under Order Date.