How to Navigate Your Dashboard

  • Dashboard Overview
  • Navigate to Dashboard
  • Dashboard
  • My Solutions
  • Resources
  • My Orders, Quotes and Store
  • Quick Tools

Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard serves as your business command center and provides easy access to your account information. View your orders, see quote details, access Quick Tools, personalize your account settings and more, all from one convenient location.

Navigate to Dashboard

Once you are logged in to on your desktop, hover over the Account icon. If there are any new messages for you online, the Account icon will have an orange dot indicating new messages. Click “Account” from anywhere on the site to find your Dashboard for quick access to your account’s tools and alerts. From the Account drop-down you can easily navigate to the tools you need to manage your account information and customize account settings.

Depending on your level of access, the drop-down Account menu may include the following.

  • Dashboard
  • My Lists
  • Quotes
  • Orders
  • Message Center
  • My Settings
  • Company Settings
  • Logout

Click “Dashboard” and your My Ferguson Dashboard is displayed.


The Dashboard allows you to easily navigate to the tools you need and displays your company’s most recent orders and quotes placed online.

Job Board

At the top of your Dashboard, you can access your Job Board. To ensure accurate pricing and delivery, update your Job Board with your preferred account and store.

On the left side of the page under Dashboard, you will find links to the following site features

  • Dashboard – Access all your account information.
  • My Lists - Create and view customizable lists of products.
  • Quotes –Find existing quotes and drafts and can create new quotes.
  • Orders – Search all orders for your organization and find order statuses.
  • Message Center - Contains messages you have received. The number indicates your unread messages.
  • My Settings - Edit your personal information or your organization’s basic information, shipping addresses, and credit card details.
  • Company Settings – Add and edit employees to any account, job or main, and edit new job views.

My Solutions

On the left side of the Dashboard under My Solutions, you will find links to additional site solutions.

  • PRO Plus™ Rewards – For every online purchase made by your organization, you can earn points that can be redeemed for merchandise or travel, or donated to charitable organizations.
  • Bill Pay Info – Customers with a commercial credit account can view invoices and sign up to pay bills online.
  • View Bills – Customers with a commercial credit account will be directed to the third-party bill pay site to view invoices and pay bills once registered for online bill pay access.


On the left side of the Dashboard under Resources, you will find opportunities to learn industry tips, discover local Ferguson solutions for your business, find customer service information and more.

  • Take a Tour – View a tutorial of your Dashboard.
  • Ideas & Learning Center – Find tips to master your trade, helpful Ferguson videos, contractor business ideas, emergency prep guidance and other helpful documents.
  • Branch Solutions – Find a wide range of programs and services tailored to meet and exceed your needs and streamline daily operations.
  • Customer Service - Access resources to help you find what you need and share your feedback with us so we can ensure we are doing our best job in serving you.
  • Legislation - Stay up-to-date with important legal changes that matter to you and your business.

My Orders, Quotes and Store

My Orders

My Orders displays any pending or completed online orders from within the last 7 days. You can access your orders by clicking on “Orders,” located on the left navigation of your Dashboard. If you have any past orders, click on “View My Orders.”

My Quotes

My Quotes appears on the Dashboard only if there are recent quotes you have created. Everyone in the company with access to main accounts or job accounts with purchasing permissions can see My Quotes. You can access your quotes and drafts by clicking on “Quotes” on the left navigation of your Dashboard, or by clicking on “View My Quotes” to view previous quote history.

My Store

Quickly access your store’s information including address, phone number and hours of operation, or set to your preferred store location within My Store. My Store is not tied to your Job Board or purchasing locations; it is a location finder and can differ from what is listed in the Job Board.

  • To select a different store, click on “Change Store.”
  • A pop-up window will appear allowing you to search for your desired store. Enter the city and state or zip code associated with the area of the store you are looking for and click “Search.”
  • The search result will provide you stores within 25 miles of the selected location.
  • Once you find the particular store you are looking for, click on “Set As My Store.” The new store you have selected will remain on your Dashboard until you choose to reset it.

Quick Tools

Quick Tools allows customers to find orders, create a quick order, flip a quote to an order, or start a quote. Quick Tools is available for users who can place orders. It is located on the right side of your Dashboard. There are up to four features under Quick Tools depending on your level of access.

Find an Order

Find an Order allows you to view both online and in-store orders. Enter the order number and click “Go.” If you don’t know the order number, you can use Advanced Search to be directed to My Orders and search using additional criteria such as Credit #, Job Name, Ordered By, PO # and FEI PO #.

Quick Order

Quick Order allows you to add items directly to your shopping cart. Simply enter product quantities and order numbers or copy and paste quantities and Ferguson product SKUs. Then click “Add to Cart.”

Flip Quote to Order

Flip Quote to Order is an easy way to reorder an entire order or quote. Enter the exact order or quote number in the field and click “Review Order” and the items from that order or quote will be placed in your shopping cart for review and edit. This is a great way to place restock orders for items that were previously entered on an existing order or quote.

Start a Quote

Start a Quote takes you directly to the Quote Center to create a new quote. Click “Create New Quote” and begin your draft. You can then “Order Now” from the draft or choose to “Request Quote” to submit it to your sales associate for review.

Spend Snapshot

Spend Snapshot displays accounts payable information for the current month with a spend-to-date total and a view of the previous month’s total in spending It is only available for users designated with Admin, Accounting, Accounting Admin and Combo permissions.

From the drop-down menu, you can select main accounts and job accounts if multiple jobs are available. To view another account’s total purchases, simply click on the arrow and select the account you are looking for.

By default, Spend Snapshot displays “This Month,” the current month’s total invoiced purchase company-wide on the selected job.

To view last month's total purchase company-wide on the selected job, simply click on “Last Month.”

Industry News

Industry News appears on the right side of the Dashboard under Spend Snapshot. Read the latest industry articles and news including Business Insider, Tricks of the Trade and Talkin’ Shop, or share your story with us.