Protect industrial workers with essential supplies 

Worker illness and injury can lower productivity and lead to decreased profitability for industrial facilities in addition to taking a toll on employee morale. This makes it important to invest in janitorial and safety supplies that improve and maintain employee wellness.  
Minimize the spread of bacteria and contamination in an industrial facility with cleaning chemicalsspray bottles, and cleaning rags. Understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting to implement an effective cleaning program. Frequent handwashing plays a key role in the fight against germs. Promote hand health with hand soaps and sanitizers and paper products, and discover how hand sanitizers work to keep hands clean. 

Avoid the top 10 OSHA violations with with personal protective equipment and safety products. From head to toe, we have your workers covered with PPE for head and faceeyes, hearing, hands and even boots. Fall prevention is a leading safety hazard for workers. Minimize the risks of falls with fall prevention equipment and accessories

In addition to preventing worker illness and injury, it’s critical to have an emergency response plan in place. If an accident does happen, be prepared with first aid supplies. Install emergency eyewash stations and showers, and learn about OSHA’s eyewash station requirements. Find more tips to help you protect industrial workers by exploring Safety Matters.